Characteristics of Singapore

6 02 2011

Most Application Questions (AQs) ask for a Singapore-specific response. As such, it’s useful to know Singapore-specific information. But anyone can say that “Singapore is a multi-racial society” or that “Singapore seeks to become a healthcare hub” – so when mentioning characteristics of Singapore, do back them up with solid examples. These could take a variety of forms, from facts, case studies and statistics to news reports, forum page comments, parliamentary speeches and government policies.

[Note: This page is under construction. Do help contribute to this resource by leaving a comment below and providing, with examples, characteristics of Singapore.]


Hit the “leave a comment” button below. State a characteristic of Singapore, and exemplify your point. Do provide references where possible.

[Update: 9/2/2011]
One useful site to harvest examples from is The Economist’s Country Briefing page on Singapore:

[Update: 13/3/2011]

Check out the Singapore Issue of Broader Perspectives here.

For future links, examples, statistics and facts pertaining to “Characteristics of Singapore”, click on the “Characteristics of Singapore” category in the sidebar.

Note: Although this is presented as a handy resource for the AQ, do note that all the information here would be equally useful for a Singapore-based essay question.




One response

9 02 2011
Update: Characteristics of Singapore « read, think, write.

[…] to the “Characteristics of Singapore” page are marked out in the original post with a date […]

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