Essay skills: Take a stand!

3 04 2011

A number of posts on this blog talk about crafting more sophisticated stands. However, it is crucial to note that regardless of how you approach the question, you must have a strong stand. Even if you’re trying to say, “it depends“, or if you’re splitting your stand, your voice, your opinion, your stand must be absolutely clear. And, it should come across pretty strongly.

For instance,

Does technology kill the simple pleasures if life?

If you’re trying to argue that the nature of one’s simple pleasure might change, avoid saying things like:

“It depends on whether we consider traditional, old-fashioned simple pleasures or modern, technology-aided simple pleasures. Furthermore technology may, in some cases, enhance the simple pleasures of life.”

Instead, answer the question directly, and take a strong stand:

“The question assumes an old-fashioned concept of traditional pleasures. Our modern society demands that we re-assess how we define simple pleasures, and recognize that technology does not kill the traditional simple pleasures, but merely create new, modern, technology-aided simple pleasures. And even if we were to consider traditional simple pleasures, a closer look reveals that technology can actually enhance them. For this reason, it is far too simplistic to argue that technology has killed the simple pleasures of life. “




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