Sample essay: Do you agree that city life is becoming increasingly unattractive? (Nov 2002)

23 04 2011

Some of the common mistakes that surfaced when marking this essay included:

  1. Misunderstanding of the topic word “city life
    – Equating city life to the developed world / developed countries (and non-city life to the developing world)
  2. Not addressing question requirements
    – Comparing city life with non-city life (one of the question requirements, as signaled by the term “increasingly”, was to compare city life in the past¬†with city life now – so comparing city life with non-city life does not meet the question requirements)
    – Merely talking about what makes city life now unattractive, with no comparison
Here‘s an essay that’s worth a read – it clearly recognises the tension between city life and sub-urban life, considers a range of arguments (scope), which include financial, health, convenience and psychological aspects (amongst others) and shows good attention to the key word “increasingly”.
Read the sample essay in the link above. Identify how the question requirements were met, paying attention to how the topic word “city life” and the value term “increasingly” were addressed. Make a list of all the aspects/levels/other areas of scope that were included in the essay.



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