Essay term: “Actually”

15 05 2011

Advertising encourages a desire for products which people do not actually need. Discuss. (2004)

For this question, the term “actually” changes it subtly. Arguably, it is unlikely to make any difference to whether or not your essay meets requirements. However, the term implies that there is a perceived need – just that it isn’t an actual or real need. Pointing this out in your introduction might be helpful in highlighting that you’re aware of this, and discussing the idea of a perceived versus an actual need in your essay would make for a better essay.




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17 05 2011

I am Jc 2 student taking A level this yr.Good to see that u are dealing with the understanding on key terms like this post on essays which my sch didnt touch on.I want to know if you could write a post on where we can address the assumptions in the question.For eg i find it disturbing to decide if the intro or my body para is the best way to address the assumptions so as to make my essays stand out

17 05 2011
Adrienne de Souza

Hi Terence

My advice would differ, depending on your writing style. However, for most writers, I recommend answering the question “normally” in the first few body paragraphs, and challenging assumptions in the last body paragraph. So your introduction would end up being more standard, but your conclusion will tie up the standard and more sophisticated “challenge the assumptions” response.

Thanks for the feedback – will work on writing a proper, more detailed post in that, probably in Term 3.

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