Essay: Issue-based questions

25 05 2011

Issue-based questions invite you to debate the issue. If you choose to disagree with the issue and the stand presented, the CA-R paragraph structure might be the most sensible approach. However, if you agree with the issue being presented, the A-CA-R structure might work better.

Here’s an example of an issue-based question:

“A university education is becoming increasingly irrelevant to success.” Comment.

The issues: We hear an increasing number of stories of non-university graduates succeeding. In addition, academic inflation means that a university degree no longer guarantees success. In light of this, is a university education really that necessary?

Given that these are key issues, arguing that “a university education is increasingly relevant because it results in higher-paying jobs, which is increasingly important because of the problem of inflation (think rising food prices)” isn’t really relevant to this question, because it has nothing to do with the issues behind this question.

So if we didn’t know that this was an issue-based question, it’s likely that our response will be of limited relevance.

In other words, we need to be able to recognise issue-based questions. And to do this, we need to read, read, read.

Identify the key issue(s) in the question, “Technology is the future of sport.” Discuss.




One response

28 05 2011

Issues:It is seen that sports nowadways are starting to use technology which is able to aid the players to hone their skills better.The days when people play sports based on their pure skills will soon no longer exists.Hence the future of sports will be technlogy

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