Assessing the accuracy of paraphrased text

24 07 2011

Here’s a fun* exercise in assessing the accuracy and precision of paraphrased text.


1. Watch this video:


2. Pick a song from the list in ‘Resources’ below.

3. Construct a table with three columns. The first column is for you to write down the original text of the song you picked (refer to the links provided in the resources below). You might find it easier to put each line of the song in a different row in the column. The second column is for you to write down the paraphrased version of the song, as sung in the video above (lyrics are also available below). The third column is for your analysis – for each line of the song, state whether the paraphrased line is

a. an accurate paraphrase
(if so, state the skill used to paraphrase the text. E.g. using a synonym, expressing as the opposite, capturing the general meaning)

b. omitted altogether
(if so, state ‘NA’)

c. paraphrased inaccurately
(if so, give a more appropriate paraphrase)

Important note: The paraphrased version is unnecessarily long – this is not what you are aiming for. However, for the purpose of this exercise, ignore the fact that it is lengthy and consider only the accuracy of the paraphrase.


For column 1: Lyrics of the original songs
For column 2: Lyrics of the Extraneous Lyrics (paraphrased) version can be found here.

*opinions vary




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