AQ: Rehash gets you nowhere. Development gets you somewhere.

31 07 2011

You’ve read the text, we’ve read the text. Repeating the ideas in the text and passing them off as “yours” is a waste of your time, and ours too.

Instead of rehashing points made by the author, develop these points by

  • explaining the same argument from a different aspect or level (e.g. if the author’s point is political, state that the same argument holds true in the economic/social aspect OR if the author’s point is about youth, explain it from the perspective of a working adult or the government)
  • adding additional tiers of development by counter-arguing it then rebutting it (A-CA-R structure, where the author’s argument is “A”, and your development is the “CA-R” part)
  • explaining the argument in the context of Singapore/your country (provided that this is what the question asks for), using specific characteristics of Singapore to differentiate your argument from the author’s
  • answering any “whys” that the author hasn’t answered, thus pushing the argument further
  • illustrating the author’s argument with a range of new examples (this sort of development is weaker than those mentioned above)



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