Would it matter if all performing arts venues in your society, such as concert halls and theatres, were closed down? (2010)

14 08 2011

So far, I’ve marked three of these essays, and two failed. Even the one that passed made the same mistake in one paragraph. Upon reading the Cambridge examiner’s report, it seems as though this was the most common mistake made with this question .


What do you think this common mistake is? Compare these two videos below and see whether you can figure it out, then check your answer with the one posted in the comments.


I love this piece. Did you feel the emotion as well? Did the piece move you? Clearly, it would be a real shame if performing arts venues were to close down…

… or would it?




2 responses

14 08 2011
Adrienne de Souza

Most people who do his question make the mistake of discussing why it would matter if we no longer had the performing arts. This is incorrect. Instead, what we need to discuss is whether it would matter if we shut down performing arts VENUES.

No doubt, they’re not mutually exclusive. However, the FOCUS must be on the venue; your angle of approach must be one that engages “venues”.

15 08 2011
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