Sample essay: How effective are international efforts to ease the problem of global hunger?

24 08 2011

Read the essay here.

What I love is the content knowledge shown. Meeting requirements might be absolutely crucial to pass, but beyond just passing, it’s solid, (relevant) content knowledge that makes me want to give you marks. Read, and remember what you read. Commit facts and examples to your memory the same way you would for any of your other subjects. Sure, I’m biased because I actually like GP and used to enjoy studying for it, but why should GP be any different? Why do so many students dismiss it as the subject that “doesn’t need to be studied for”? Why, despite not reading widely, do students keep asking, “how am I supposed to know that?” when I tell them they didn’t engage with the correct issues that the question was hinting at? And, most frustratingly, despite not studying, why do students then wonder why they never get more than 13-15 marks for content?

Fact: Solid, relevant content knowledge shows me that you are better than the average person who gives me vague, general references to what’s happening in the world. It shows me that you care enough for the subject to deserve the elusive A-grade. It makes me want to give you that A.


[UPDATE: 25/8/2011]

While there are a lot of students who do not study for GP, there is the other extreme – those who have tonnes of content knowledge but who use it indiscriminately. This, of course, will not help. The key assumption in the above post is that the content knowledge you display is relevant to the question.




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