Developing an argument (and the power of examples)

11 09 2011

What distinguishes a flat, “dull but sensible” (read: 13-marks-for-content essay) essay from one where “depth is evident” (read: >19-marks-for-content essay)? Try development. Your topic sentence is just the beginning – pack in multiple reasons to justify your topic sentence, and exemplify them. And the best writers will do this succinctly too.

For instance, if you were to argue that there has been a change in preferences from the traditional book to the e-book, you might use the rise in e-book sales to support your argument. Sensible, but dull. Or perhaps you’d use a comparative example instead – the rise of the e-book, compared with the fall of the traditional book. Definitely better, but it still could be improved by including some of the following points:

  1. IKEA Redesigns Classic Bookshelf, Foreshadows the Demise of Books
  2. E-Books: Why Barnes & Noble Avoided Borders’ Fate
  3. Great digital expectations
Read the articles linked above and write a paragraph on the shift in preferences from traditional books to e-books. Incorporate at least four layers of argumentation (four different sub-points), and ensure that they are exemplified. 





One response

19 09 2011

The availability of the traditional books in bookstores only last for a period and would be taken down,giving way to new books.deeming no access to the book.However, the presence of E books would have solved this problem given the ability of technology to store unlimited amount of books.Readers are able to choose to read any books at their own time without the fear of their favourite books being taken down.Secondly,the digital books does not require any packaging compared to traditional books.The absence of these costs mean that the books are able to be sold cheaply to the consumers,hence making ebooks much more attractive.For example,Amazon’s list of their 100 best selling books were priced at only 99 cents.

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