This made me smile

26 09 2011

‘Modern scientists have a heavy moral responsibility.’ Comment on this statement.

“Modern scientists do not have a heavy moral responsibility because Science is neither moral nor immoral, neither good nor evil; it is amoral.”

-Wen Jian, T13




2 responses

26 09 2011

Hi Ms de’Souza,

I agree with the statement raised but how does it explain why scientists, the people who seek and apply kmowledge in the scientific field, need not be mainly accountable for the ethical decisions made?

Thank you!

29 09 2011
Adrienne de Souza

Good question. You need to make the link between “science is amoral” and the actual question. I’d argue that because science is amoral, it is unfair to say that there’s a heavy responsibility on scientists. Instead, the one who truly has the heavy responsibility is the one who is using the technology (e.g. politicians in their country’s policies, individuals, etc.) – not the one who is discovering it (scientists).

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