Choosing the right question

1 11 2011

This post highlights the types of questions that tend to be easier, and those that should be avoided because they are more challenging.

The misconception is that avoiding the challenging questions does not give you much choice. This is not true – even though a lot of the question types in the abovementioned list are marked as being more challenging, if you actually take out any A Level paper, you’d find that on average, even if you cross out all the challenging questions, you still have a choice of six or more questions.

A lot of students are drawn to questions based on the topic in the question. More specifically, due to the fact that they have good examples related to the topic. However, remember that no matter how brilliant your content knowledge is, if you do not meet requirements, you will fail for content – strategically, if you are unable to deal with the requirements of a question, please do not do it, no matter how good your content knowledge is. Control yourselves.

Speaking of topics, this post has just been updated with a compilation of the 2011 Prelim questions.




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1 11 2011
Essay Skills Digest 1/11/11 « Gee Pee Land

[…] give Ms. De Souza blog a visit and take a look at the really helpful entries concerning choosing the right question and the analysis of the different essay question types appearing the past year […]

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