The nature of science

3 11 2011
Science and Technology questions (2000-2010)
  1. Does modern technology always improve the quality of people’s lives? (2006)
  2. Should research into expensive medical treatments be allowed when only a few can afford them? (2007)
  3. ‘The more science advances, the more religion will decline.’ To what extent do you agree? (2008)
  4. Should every country have the right to carry out unlimited scientific research? (2009)
  5. To what extent has technology had an impact on both privacy and security in your country? (2009)
  6. The key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine.’ How far do you agree? (2010)
  7. To what extent has technology had a negative impact on the skill levels of people? (2010)
What do all the questions marked out in bold blue text have in common?
In all of them, you can use a “nature of science” argument in one or more paragraphs, to either support your stand, or as a counter-argument (balance) paragraph.
The “nature of science” argument is particularly useful in S&T questions – it’s one of those good, solid, sometimes even sophisticated arguments that are quite versatile. So if you’re studying S&T and are hoping that an easy-ish S&T question comes out, go dig out your lecture notes and study the “nature of science” argument. 
Read your S&T lecture notes on the “nature of science”, and write an argument for each of the questions highlighted above. If you can think of how it is relevant to the other questions, do try those too.



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7 11 2011
The Nature of Science « read, think, write.

[…] excellent link on the nature of science is courtesy of Bok […]

7 11 2011

Hi there. Could you show an example how the nature of science argument run please? I’m in need of help. Thank you…..

7 11 2011
Adrienne de Souza

Have you seen my most recent post on the nature of science? The link should help you with the content – try incorporating some of that content into any argument that addresses a science and technology question, and I’ll be happy to take a look at your argument.

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