Is the elimination of terrorism a realistic aim?

5 11 2011

Points worth considering:

Intro: Terrorism has been around for a long time – going way back to 105 BC as state terrorism during the French government’s Reign of terror – and while terrorist groups and acts have been eliminated over the years, we’ve always seen new groups and acts of terrorism crop up.

Thesis: That  individual terrorist groups might be eliminated (e.g. Tamil Tigers), but as a concept, because new groups will keep cropping up, as they have throughout history (these reasons will anchor your body paragraphs), the elimination of terrorism as a concept is not a realistic aim.

Body: One body paragraph could consider how characteristics of modern society (e.g. globalisation) both helps and hinders the elimination of terrorism (helps both terrorists and those fighting them)

Conclusion: Even though it’s not realistic, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue fighting terrorism, or that we shouldn’t aim to eliminate individual terrorist groups as and when they crop up.




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