Key terms: Should … more

8 11 2011

A quick check showed that Cambridge hasn’t, in the past 11 years, asked any question in this form, but two questions from this year’s lot of Preliminary examination questions were phrased in this way:

  • Should play have more of a place in modern society?
  • The rich should shoulder more of the poor’s burden. To what extent is this true?
One possible argument against the idea of “more” could consider the manner, rather than the quantity.
For example, perhaps we can’t afford to spend more time playing because of the demands of our hectic lifestyles – but perhaps the answer isn’t in more (quantity), but in changing the way we play, so as to get more benefits. For example, instead of watching online TV alone for three hours a week, we could play a sport with a group of friends instead.
Or instead of giving the poor more money, donor countries could spend the same amount of money on setting up education programmes instead.



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8 11 2011
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