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Adrienne de Souza is currently pursuing an Ed.M in Mind, Brain, and Education. She was previously a Curriculum Planning Officer at the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and began her career in education as a General Paper teacher. In fact, she still views herself as such.

Adrienne is passionate about education, and discovered a growing interest in this field while applying for a scholarship under the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Clearly, it was a timely discovery, as she was subsequently blessed with an Education scholarship which has since fueled this passion. In particular, it is critical and creative thinking, assessment and alternative forms of assessment that can keep her mind engaged for hours.

Aside from education, her other passion is debating – a sport which she cannot seem to stay away from for long, as evident from her continued involvement in the Singapore debating circuit.

Over the years, she has developed a bit of a Singlish-phobia and, at times, is a bit of a Science geek.

Adrienne may be contacted through any of the comment boxes on this site. Comments to posts, feedback and suggestions for improvement to this site are always welcome, appreciated and enjoyed.


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3 10 2010

Hi. I find your website really helpful for GP students in Singapore.

I was just wondering whether you would be interested in adding my class’ GP blog as part of your links. I think it will be helpful including another source of GP help for the students.

The blog is http://09s06g-gp.blogspot.com


7 10 2010
Adrienne de Souza

Hi Bryan – thanks for the link, just added it!

22 03 2011

Hi Adrienne ..

I stumbled across your site while doing some research work..

I’m writing an article on how image is important in today’s society for my school blog.

I found an essay which can help me but it needs a password..

Why is there a password and how do I get it?

22 05 2011

Hi Adrienne, I’m taking my ‘A’ Levels this year and your site has been a great help so far. Thank you!

30 05 2011

Hi, I am a Singaporean A level maths tutor who stumbled upon your site while googling-really loved your offerings. Was wondering if you would be keen to network ( either via link exchange or perhaps guest posting) for the benefit of JC students in general? Do drop me a line if you are interested-I would subsequently send you the URL of my site for reference. Thanks and god bless.

29 08 2011

Hi Adrienne,

I am currently a Year 5 student in an IP school in Singapore and stumbled onto your blog recently. I am astonished by the amount of effort you are placing into this blog despite the fact that you can gain little recognition out of it. The passion you have for teaching is one that is really lacking in my school whereby most of the GP tutors,strangely, seem to be reluctant to give their notes. On the other hand, we students are sweating over how to tackle the GO subject.

I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards you for making this blog an enriching source of information on everything a student needs to know about General Paper.

21 10 2011
Jing Ming

Thanks for the blog, much appreciated.

23 11 2011

Hi ms de souza! You probably won’t remember me but you taught me biology in CJ briefly for a couple of months together with Mr Goh! Pleased to chance upon this blog! I wished I had read it previously whilst in school! Anyway glad to have teachers like you who have so much passion and dedication in teaching GP!

Fiona Fong

27 11 2011
Adrienne de Souza

Hi Fiona! Thanks, and I actually do remember you 🙂 Good to hear from you, and I hope all’s well in whatever you’re pursuing at the moment!

28 03 2012

Hello Ms De Souza,
i was an A level student last year and chanced upon your blog when i was researching online for GP materials, and i must say that your materials have helped me a lot!
Thank you for your selfless sharing of your knowledge 🙂

28 03 2012
Adrienne de Souza

You’re most welcome – I’m glad you found them helpful 🙂

30 03 2012

I’m so thankful to have chanced upon this treasure trove! Thank you for taking the time and effort to painstakingly gather all the materials and for giving such valuable advice! Keep up the good work! 😀

9 04 2012
Rohani Razak

Hi Adrienne

How do I get myself a password? Thanks

9 04 2012
Adrienne de Souza

I’m afraid many of the password-protected posts must be read in context – they’re effectively incomplete posts, so I worry that the learning points in them will be misunderstood without clarifications and explanations that I gave during my classroom lessons. As for some of the other password-protected posts (student sample essays), those are password-protected under the request of the students who wrote the essays.

Sent from my iPhone

24 06 2012

Hi Adrienne (: May I know if you offer GP tuition to J1 students? If so, could you please email me the related details? Thanks so much!

26 06 2012
Adrienne de Souza

Hi Junior, I’ve just sent you an email about this 🙂

Sent from my iPhone

27 06 2012

Hi, I am really thankful and happy when i found this blog as I was at loss about how i should study GP and where should i start. I thnik this blog is my starting point in studying gp and doing well for it. Thanks:)

6 07 2012

Hi, when i read about your blog i really find that there is hopes for getting a good grade for gp. May i know if you offer GP tuition? If yes, do get back to me as i need a good tuition urgently. Thanks.

7 07 2012
Adrienne de Souza

Hi Huilin

Yes, I do – I’ve just sent you an email about this.

1 08 2012
Eleen Goh

Hi Adriene

I’m doing a paper on national identity and found an article that would be useful. Cldn’t get in as nd password.

How do I get in or do I nd to subscibe?



6 02 2013

Hi Adriene,

I chanced upon your blog while just surfing the net and I found it to be really really insightful. Would you be willing to do an interview? I am from an interviewing team called Real Leader Interviews on alearningaday.com. Your perspectives and opinions would be highly valued.


28 11 2013


Would you be interested in linking me?


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