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This site is no longer actively managed. It was created to support my teaching and my students’ learning while I was teaching General Paper; the posts in this blog chronicle that journey as a GP teacher, and do not represent how my thinking may have changed since then. Posts were created primarily with my students in mind, and often used in the context of my classes. I welcome anyone to this site. However, as a cautionary note to readers, I feel that the absence of the context of my classes could, at times, lead readers to different understandings of the content in this site. The original description of this site is given below.


read, think, write. is a General Paper (GP) blog by Adrienne de Souza. Its main areas of focus are the essay component (Paper 1) and the Application Question (AQ) (in Paper 2) of the GP. That being said, some of the questions posed (e.g. inference questions) are also of direct relevance to the comprehension section (in Paper 2) of the GP.

This blog serves several functions:

  • An online bookshelf for General Paper resources*

*refer to blog posts (relevantly tagged and sorted into categories. see sidebar for tags and categories available, or use the search function found in the sidebar to pull up specific resources)

As a GP teacher, I often find myself subconsciously planning GP lessons  when I read articles or come across materials that lend themselves neatly to anything that could be relevant to GP. Some of these ideas, perhaps due to time constraints or general feasibility issues, will never reach the classroom; others may simply come at the wrong time and not fit in with the current theme being discussed in class (and so runs the risk of being bookmarked for later, but forgotten when the time comes).

Thus far, my system of storing these resources has been somewhat random, but perhaps more significantly, it has been accessible by only me. This blog changes that, firstly, by giving structure to the resources I collect (through categories and tags) and secondly, by making it publicly available, and thus accessible to students of GP.

  • A platform for discussion

Because class time is limited. Because sometimes, it’s more convenient to sit and think about issues from the comfort of one’s home. Or perhaps because one is looking for something to do while waiting for a download to complete. The point is, whatever the reason, this space provides an opportunity for students – or anyone interested in contributing to a discussion – to continue thinking about and practicing for the GP outside the classroom.

  • A space to direct GP-related questions.

If you know my email address, email questions to me. If not, post your question in the comment box on the FAQ page.


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8 07 2011

Ican say that this website is really great and useful
but I wonder how can I register in the web site , because some articles are protected and needed a password .

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