For Teachers

This blog shares the general aims of another GP blog, and the section for teachers, I find, is particularly relevant to this site as well. As such, I’m echoing the sentiments here:

(adapted from

Why you should check in every now and then

  • The same reasons as for the students
  • So you can spot problems with my posts – factual, technical, grammatical, inappropriate – before some smart aleck student, duly concerned parent or my bosses do, and promptly inform me

Fancy being a contributor?

Any help in contributing would be greatly appreciated! All you have to do is post a comment or send an email with your contribution, and I’ll add the post.

Alternatively, post comments or email me with post ideas or suggestions for improvement.


One response

17 11 2012

I have added a “Creative Module” in my GP programme for A-level students.

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