Study tips

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Myth: “GP is the one subject you can’t study for”

Fact is, like any subject, you certainly can – and should – study and practice for GP. Here’s how:

1. Paraphrasing
1.1 Practice, practice, practice!
1.2 Note down common words and their synonyms (see “I need help with paraphrasing!”)
1.3 Study and practice using various paraphrasing techniques.

2. Content knowledge (for essays)
2.1 Read. Do research / compile your own notes / construct mindmaps or concept maps – whatever works best for you. For a start, compile notes for all the topics that you college covers
2.2 Study your notes and commit the facts and information to memory

3. Vocabulary
(see the “Vocabulary” tag in the sidebar)

4. The Application Question
4.1 Compile a list of Singapore-specific characteristics, with examples (see “Characteristics of Singapore“)

Useful link that includes a handy “characteristics of Singapore” table:

5. Interpreting question requirements
5.1 Again, practice! Familiarise yourself with a wide variety of question styles, paying attention to common question requirements and common mistakes made when interpreting questions.


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